We Are Suffragists



For this project ‘We are Suffragists’ young people aged 18-25 were tasked with researching stories of Suffragists in East Lancashire. They then created a presentation based on what they had discovered, which was projected at The People’s History Museum as part of Manchester History Festival.

The Great Pilgrimage of Suffrage

At the start of the project we realised there was a huge wealth of information about the Suffrage movement but much of it focused on the Suffragettes. Suffragettes were militant in their approach to wining votes for women. We were looking at Suffragists who took a more peaceful approach. After much research young people narrowed in on one particular event.

The young people involved in the project used books, museums, local micro film and the online newspaper archive to research this story. The Great Pilgrimage of Suffrage was to be a chance for Suffragists to come together and to show that they were still campaigning to win the vote for women using their more peaceful law abiding means.

Young People involved lead the project and decided on what they wanted to research. They learnt a variety of skills including film making and editing. It was also many of the young people’s first chance at researching using micro film and visiting Lancashire Archives. The young people involved used Tumblr to document their research as part of the project.

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